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MOISTURIZER: Estee Lauder / NIGHT CREAM: Estee Lauder / Eye Cream: Estee Lauder

I had been searching for a new face moisturizer, night cream, and eye cream for a few months now! I have finally found my holy grail products! For moisturizer everyday I have been wearing Estee Lauder’s Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti Oxidant Creme. It’s oil free with broad spectrum SPF 25. At first I did’t know if I should order the oil free moisturizer or just the regular one. For those of you who don’t know why oil free is different from non oil free, I did some research for you lol! I had to look it up myself because I had no idea what the difference was. Let’s start with the obvious, the one that isn’t oil free has oil in it. The one that is oil free is actually super beneficial to those of us who have super sensitive skin or are more prone to bad breakouts. Now I have pretty normal skin and break out maybe once every month, but I said hey why not use a product that will protect my skin from breakouts just because. I mean who wouldn’t want to prevent a break out? Am I right? lol. Also, what I love about this moisturizer is that it has SPF 25 in it so I am getting protection from harmful UV rays everyday! That was literally the number one deal breaker for me when searching for an everyday moisturizer. I wanted a moisturizer that would help protect my face from the sun. Also, this moisturizer is good for all skin types no matter if you are dry, oily, or have a combination of both. I have pretty dry skin, and even though this product is oil free, it is so so so hydrating! 


As for night time I have been using Estee Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme. This product is also great for all skin types! You guys, this creme is silky smooth and so cooling when it touches your skin. It’s so luxurious and so worth the splurge. The lady at the Estee Lauder counter told me that I can wear this creme in the daytime and nighttime, so if you want to lessen the amount of products you use, you can use this during the day and night. However, I recommend only using it at night because this creme doesn’t contain any SPF in it.


For eye cream I use Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex ll. This product is also good for all skin types. I use to not “believe” in eye creams. Like I use to think that they were pointless and sort of a scam for companies to make more money off their customers. The first eye cream I ever tried was one by Lancome that I had gotten free with a purchase of foundation. Since I was given it, I thought why not use it right? That cream changed my whole outlook on the world of eye creams. I had been bought over. The reason I don’t use the Lancome eye cream is because it retails for $100, and I just don’t have it in me to spend that much on a product for my budget. This eye cream is still a splurge, but you literally need the smallest amount. What I do is tap my ring finger into the gel cream and that is all I need for one eye. Just two little taps and thats all you need for both eyes! I promise. I love this eye cream and it is even better than Lancome’s $100 eye cream.


I highly recommend all three products if you are looking for new skincare! I have been testing these out for nearly a month now, and am so impressed with the quality and clarity of my skin. My skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom! And blemish free. The picture above is my natural skin without any makeup on or editing done to it. It is a raw photo. My skin looks so clear and beautiful and I owe it all to Estee Lauder! I now feel confident in going out without foundation on, it’s literally the best skincare line I have tried in a very long time.

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