March 22, 2017







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I am in love with Beverely Hills! Okay, so I am from California so I wasn’t like touring or anything. Lol, however I had never walked the streets of Rodeo Drive! It is so beautiful there. The old Hollywood street signs, and the pebbled streets , made me feel so lucky and happy to be where I am today. To be living, and to be able to walk the streets of such a beautiful city. I was so happy this day, I had such a good day! My brother does work up in L.A. a lot, so he showed me around. He knows Beverly Hills like the back of his hand! I was so impressed! It was a nice experience, and “sibling bonding” time. Lol. 

First, being a coffee addict, I have to stop by Starbucks before we started our venture. I got my usual, a hot grande soy latte! And before anyone asks, the Starbucks in Beverly Hills is not anything special lol. It’s just a regular coffee shop, however it was super packed, just like any coffee shop! Haha. I had been dying to swatch Burberry’s makeup line so I went into the three story Burberry store! It was so massive! You could say that I spent a good amount of time in there haha. Then I went into Tom Ford because his lipsticks are so beautiful!!! I got to see his whole entire line of lipsticks right in front of my eyes! I want them all lol, but they are pricey, so I am going to have to buy one each pay check lol! His line of lipsticks are all named after men, it’s so brilliant and amazing! I went into a couple of other stores, and lastly entered Tiffany&Co. A lovely door man opened the doors for us because I guess the door is locked from the outside in. I think that is mainly for safety reasons. And so no one tries to rob the place because let me tell you there were some pretty nice and pricey diamonds in there! I looked and dreamt of a wedding ring that was so big and sparkly (You know, for when I meet the man who sweeps me off my feet). Lol! Tiffany&Co. was two stories. The floor you walk into holds all of the engagement rings, and earrings, and necklaces, and the underground floor was more of accessories!

I took some photos pictured about on Rodeo Dr. just so I could show you how beautiful this place is. If you are ever traveling to L.A. or even San Diego, I highly recommend planning to visit Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. It is absolutely gorgeous! 

It is so fun, I promise you will enjoy yourself. As for attire, wear something laid back. I wore a pair of ripped high waisted jeans, with a light oversized sweater, and my favorite brown suede booties. I got my sweater and jean shorts from Nordstrom. And my shoes are from Kohls, but the are sold out. 

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