March 23, 2017





You can read all about their new 2017 Range Rover Evoque on the link above!

I have been looking around for a new car lately because I need a new one bad! My first car was a good “first car”, but it is time for an upgrade! This would be my first time purchasing a car from a dealership, so I guess you can call it my first “real” car purchase. And I want to go big!!! To give you guys a little background on why I want the car I want, I was driving in Carlsbad one day after a long day at the beach and I saw this super intense black car that I was immediately attracted to. And as I was staring at how beautiful it was I thought to myself, “That’s it.” I had never felt this way about something… Are you just dying to know what car I am talking about? Drum roll please… It was a Range Rover Evoque. So that is what I did today. I went out to look at the 2017 Evoque. The pictures above are me sitting in one. That was the ultimate test. I loved the outside of the car, but I had never sat in one before. As soon as I sat down on the leather seats, I just fell that much harder in love with Range Rover. The quality of the leather seats, the comfort of the seats, the huge sun roof, it was all so amazing. It has an award winning design, and the lovely man who helped me out today even told me that Queen Elizabeth will only drive Range Rover, haha. Taking tips from royalty is probably best. Lol.

Yes this car is a luxury car, but it really is luxurious and so classy. If you are looking for a new car, and you finally have enough money saved or are ready to splurge on something so classic and so nicely equipped, Range Rover would be your best bet. I linked their site above so that you guys can take a peek of the new 2017 Evoque 

I am definitely set on the Evoque! I am so in love with it haha. That is all I can think about now!

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