March 29, 2017


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I am high on life! I literally have been in such a great mood these days. I mean of course we all have our moments where we feel unhappy, depressed, sad, or unsatisfied with our lives, but it is our choice to either dwell in that type of negative feeling, or choosing to be happy. Happiness is a choice. Just like anger, depression, and all other emotions are a choice, that only you can make. I am not saying that it easy to just snap out of an emotional state because I know how hard it can be to get out of a certain way of thinking, especially when something goes wrong in our lives. You have no idea how many people think I am the happiest person, and yes I am happy 98% percent of the time, but it is because I choose to be. The other 2% of the time I have different emotions that aren’t all full of sunshine. I have to take myself out of that state. I practice Yoga on a daily basis. At first Yoga was just an interest to me, then it became something more. It literally has helped me through so many obstacles in life. It is a major way to relieve stress (as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts). Yoga also became a way for me to balance myself (my chakras). I turned to Yoga when I was having a rough day, or when I was upset about something. I’m telling you, Yoga has saved my life! I can handle whatever life throws at me. This post isn’t promoting Yoga, although I encourage a lot of you guys to try it once in your life  I just want you guys to find something that will help you through the rough times, or when life throws a curve ball at you. Whether it be exercise, cooking, or painting, whatever it may be, find it. Earlier today, I was feeling down about some things, and I told myself “Sarina” you need to do some Yoga. So I did, and it has changed my whole day around. It’s okay to feel down from time to time, it’s only natural, we’re human  But, you don’t ever want to let that feeling take over you. I’m writing this post from the comfiest chair in my house haha, and just feel so happy and so high on life right now. My blog is something I look forward to everyday. I want to try and write a post everyday. Some topics may be interesting, and so not so much, but I just go with whatever my mind thinks up that day. Lol. I love writing for you all to read, and you guys are what keep me inspired and motivated to follow this passion of mine. So, thank you all to everyone who is reading this. It means the world to me. xoxo.

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April 2, 2020


March 23, 2020

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