April 1, 2017










WHITE STRIPS: Crest / SANDALS: Reef / SHORTS: Roxy / PULLOVER: Roxy (sold out) / TOTE: Roxy (similar to mine)

I bought this same pack of Crest White Strips! It comes with 20 treatments of the luxe whitening strips, and 2 treatments for the 1 hour express whitening strips. It’s a really good deal 

I have been talking so much about the sunny weather and how I can’t wait for the Summer. I literally woke up this morning thinking to myself, “Why am I waiting to go to the beach?” Haha especially since the weather has been so, so beautiful! After yoga this morning, I made peanut butter toast with bananas for breakfast then headed to the beach. I usually go to Carlsbad, but I was feeling adventurous and decided to go to La Jolla Shores! Sometimes I can get tired of being in the car for long periods of time, but I didn’t mind the drive today because I drove the coast. It was just so sunny, and so beautiful, that I enjoyed my time in the car on my way to the beach. I never thought I would say that I enjoy car rides, but I enjoyed this one haha, it’s an exception! I went early before the afternoon so it was still a bit chilly outside. I wore my lightweight Roxy pullover over my bathing suit, and a pair of cute Roxy short shorts :). I took pictures for this post then sat back down and sucked it up to finally take my clothes off so that I could get a tan (which was one of my main goals for going to the beach) Lol. There is just something about the feeling of the sun hitting my skin. I love it so much! I literally feel like the sun is reaching its arms out an giving me this warm and toasty hug, haha, if only that was even possible! The beach was so crowded! I walked around and took some pictures, and then came across this beautiful seagull who let me get so close to him that I was able to get a cute picture of him. I swear he was posing for me, like he sooo wanted a photo shoot of himself haha. Also, the picture I took of myself at the beach today I kept taking double takes of because my teeth look so white! I have been using Crest White Strips lately and they are actually working! I think I’ve done three sessions, and my teeth are so white, I can’t even imagine them getting whiter. I’m excited about it though  I put a link above for you guys if you are interested in using the white strips for your teeth too  It’s a great deal! You’ll be amazed how much whiter your teeth will get! Anyways, I really enjoyed my day today. I love being at the beach because it is my happy place. The beach centers me and gets me in the most positive mood to go throughout the rest of my day! What is your happy place? Tell me in the comments below! And happy Saturday guys! 

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