April 2, 2017



So, I totally forgot my camera when I went to the winery, so I just took some photos on my iPhone for this post! I’m sorry  I was so bummed when I arrived at the winery and then realized I left my camera at home. I even made sure it was fully charged! It just sucks. Anyways… the winery I went to yesterday is called “Mattucci,” it is the cutest, most intimate winery I have ever been too. Like the winery on the outside doesn’t even look like a winery at all, but when you walk inside, it will blow you away. The way it is decorated, to the savory flavors of each of their many wines! I went with my Mom and Aunt because my Aunt had never been wine tasting before, and she’s almost 40! Isn’t that crazy! If you are someone who hasn’t been to a winery yet, you need to! It is one of the funnest things to do and it isn’t that pricey. You can find deals for wine tasting on Groupon, and just in general, wine tasting doesn’t usually cost and arm and a leg! Hahaha. It’s a great idea for a day with friends or family, or even a great date idea! I love trying new wines! I drink red wines, and since my parents are super into wine, they have turned me into them, “wine snobs.” Haha. I drink wines from wineries in Temecula, San Diego, and Fallbrook mostly. Evey time my parents get a new bottle they will invite me over to indulge with them (I’m just lucky they share with me) Lol. My favorite wine is a Pinot Noir. And although I didn’t get to sample a Pinot yesterday, I did have a wine that was 100% Cabernet called the Primitivo, and it was to die for. I even ordered a full glass of it after the tasting! I hadn’t gone out like that in a long time, and it felt so nice to be able to relax and enjoy myself for once! Plus, it is so funny because now I can drink with my Aunt, and that is the first time we have drank together. It was so much fun, and we were just having the time of our lives! So with that said, I am so, so serious, you need to go wine tasting. It is something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime! 

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April 2, 2020


March 23, 2020

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