April 4, 2017











I love doing things spontaneously! Doesn’t it always seem like you have more fun when you don’t have something planned and then out of nowhere you either get invited to go somewhere or you just get up and go somewhere? I went to the San Diego Safari Park today with my brother and niece. I haven’t been there in so long, and I almost forgot how fun it is! I love going around this time of year because the butterfly exhibit is open  I got some really good pictures of the beautiful butterflies up close and personal lol! My brother even captured some photos of the butterfly that was peacefully hanging out on top of my hat! The gorillas were too hot to be out in the sun. They were mostly all just relaxing in their cave. I waited forever to get just one picture of the momma gorilla, her son, and her younger baby! I don’t even think you guys can see the baby in the picture above, but I tried so hard to get the baby in there! The tigers were absolutely beautiful! We saw one up close next to the glass, but I forgot to snap a picture because I was so in awe of how pretty it was! It’s so funny because every time I look at a tiger I just want to cuddle with it because it reminds me of an oversized kitty. They don’t look harmful at all! Haha. We also went to the bird show around 2! It was so awesome because the birds fly over top of the audience and they get super super close to touching peoples heads! It was so beautiful to see birds that were once endangered living a long and healthy life thanks to the Wild Animal Park Association! Just by us buying tickets we are helping fund thousands of projects to protect endangered species! We spent all day there today and I am so exhausted. Walking was my workout today! We walked about 3-4 miles today! It’s a good workout because you don’t even notice how much walking you are actually doing because you are too focused on the animals the whole time. Tricking your body is key haha. The last thing we did today was the tram tour. That is where I snapped a photo of the cute giraffe eating food  One of the giraffes just had a baby three days ago! I got to see him, but I was too slow in getting a picture of him! I’m sad because I wanted you guys to see how adorable he was! My niece fell asleep on the tram so after it was over we decided that our spontaneous trip must come to end! I had so much fun and I am so tired from today lol, that I am going to end this blog post now! I just wanted you all to be able too share my experience with me. Thank you for reading, and have a good rest of your night or day 

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