April 30, 2017






Today was a good day...


SWEATER: Roxy (same as mine, but different color) / WHITE SHORTS: Roxy (similar to mine) / BIKINI TOP: Roxy (similar to mine)/ BIKINI BOTTOM: Roxy (similar to mine)

In honor of my post yesterday, I went to the beach today! It was literally the perfect day to be there. The sun was out and I could actually be without my sweater haha, usually I am attached to a light sweater or jacket because I swear I am cold blooded! I started off by eating the most delicious grilled shrimp tacos at a place called “Joe’s Crab Shack.” I was dying to eat outside on the patio, but the restaurant is under construction and the outside was off limits. It sucked because I partly go to Joe’s for the beautiful view of the water and all of the boats, but at least I still got to eat yummy tacos! Food in general makes us for it, haha. I was so stuffed after lunch that I had to walk it all off. I took a nice stroll to the end of the harbor and finally settled on a spot in the sand. The sun was so hot, I definitely got the tan I have been wanting! And, yes, before you ask, I felt at peace and all of my worries drowned in the sound of the waves crashing. If I could spend every single living moment at the beach, I so would, and I just about do in the Summer time! I am so, so, so, excited for Summer, and Summer nights!!! I love getting together with friends & family, sitting around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows for smore’s!!! Smore’s sound so good right now, my stomach is literally growling, no joke! And it’s not just about the smore’s that make me look forward to Summer days at the beach, it’s the season in general. Everything is just more fun in the Summer, the clothes, bbqing burgers and hot dogs after a long day at the beach, and strawberry champagne on ice, after tanning for hours in the sun! Doesn’t just sound like the life? I am always super excited because being at the beach inspires me and sparks my creativity for blog posts. So you can say that that is where I will be spending a lot of my time this Summer (I’ll basically be living there), so expect a lot of posts having to do with the beach, Summer outfits, Summer hair, Summer makeup, and lot of pictures of the beach, and beach selfies! I cannot wait!!! I have to go get ready for an evening BBQ at my Mom’s house now, so I am going to go. We are having carne asada, and lots of guac and chips! I hope everyone had a nice Saturday evening, until next time guys! Love you. xoxo.

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