May 10, 2017



Vacuum: SHARK

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I am back, and slowly gaining my health and strength back! You have no idea how good it feels to be posting for you guys! For those of who who were asking what was wrong with me, here is the short explanation: I was dealing with horrible headaches/migraines due from the climate change. I recently discovered that I have allergies too which causes my nose to become super dry, which can also cause horrible sinus headaches. On top of all of that, I was fighting a bad case of indigestion which I have to believe was triggered by my favorite avocado salsa from El Pollo Loco (who knows which one I’m talking about?) I seriously ate so much of it because I had gotten the double chicken salad, and I don’t care for the cilantro dressing it comes with and instead I use pounds of avocado salsa. I will not be using that much again in my life! I have learned my lesson haha. I was literally bed ridden for nearly four days straight! I laid around on my couch with a headache all day and an upset stomach, and watched so many movies! It would have been nice if I could have actually enjoyed the movies lol. But anyways, today I am totally talking about a vacuum! Before I sat down to post today I wanted to check some chores off my list of things to do. One thing was to vacuum! We just recently got a new vacuum because our old one was going out. We wanted one that worked on hard wood floors, but most of all we needed one that picked up all of the dog hair that hides on our wooden floors and on our fabric couches. If you are looking for the same type of vacuum, The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away is the only way to go! It is the best thing invented by man. It even has a little headlight that shows you what you are about to vacuum up, and I kid you not, you will be so amazed to see how much hair (dog and human) is on the floor! And so much dust & dirt!!! It is insane. We try to vacuum everyday, to every other day because we have two dogs who are both outdoor and indoor pups. We used to vacuum maybe once a week, until we started using The Shark! It will gross you out just knowing how much dust, dirt, and hair gather from just one day! You will be addicted to vacuuming! Lol. Which is a great thing because by keeping everything dust free, it allows for cleaner breathing air, and a safer environment for people with allergies. I know I sound obsessed with this vacuum, it’s only because I totally am! Haha, I hope everyone is enjoying their mornings, afternoons, and evenings! I am going to go get more housework done!  xoxo.

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