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I have only been to two baseball games in my whole life! And last night is when I went to my second one! I love sports & the hype of cheering on my home team! I’m from San Diego, and I’m literally the best cheerleader the Padres could ever ask for! (if baseball had cheerleaders that is) haha. It was a family affair. My Mom, stepdad, and two of my siblings attended last nights game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was nice because we all haven’t gone out as a family in a while. We had really nice seats & were in the perfect spot to catch all of the balls that went flying the wrong way! I was so close to catching one too, but I didn’t want to risk my life jumping over chairs & people haha. We ate at the game at a cute little sushi place in the park called Zenbu. I ordered a crunchy roll & a salmon roll. They were both very different from what I have had at other sushi restaurants, but equally as yummy! I think there was even apple in my crunchy roll haha, which I have never had before in a crunchy roll. After dinner we went back to our seats and cheered from the stands! I get really really into games and literally lost my voice last night cheering on our players, especially Hunter when he was running to home base! I was so proud of him & and every other player who tried their best even if our team wasn’t in the lead. I was also super excited because I got to see Will bat. If you look up above, there is a picture of him that I zoomed in really close with my phone camera haha. You can barely see him, but it’s him. He is kind of a big deal, because he is kind of my favorite player. And he almost hit a home run last night! After the game we went to the Padres store to buy some souvenirs. I got a baby pink hat, with powder blue lettering (pictured above). It’s kind of a tradition now. Because when I saw my very first baseball game I got the hat that I am wearing in my pictures above, so this time I wanted to get a new hat. So, every time I go to a game I will get a a new hat. I like the idea of having a little tradition of my own every time I am taken out to a ball game. I had a blast last night, and it was a much needed little vacation. Are you guys into baseball? Have you ever been to a baseball game? Who is your favorite team? Let me know in the comments down below! xoxo.

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