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Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Oh my gosh is Keys Creek Lavender Farm so pretty!!! It’s an organic lavender farm in Northern San Diego, California. I’m talking 8 whole acres of pure lavender. Lavender in my opinion is one of the best smells on this planet. I felt so relaxed because through aromatherapy lavender is used to help us relax. I was definitely relaxed! My favorite part was the gift shop! They make all of their own products. They have everything from lavender moisturizer, hand lotion, chapstick, to lavender lemonade mix, and lavender scone mix! They have it all, and its all organic! So natural, and healthy. They have a meditation area (the area in the picture where there are a spiral of rocks) too which was awesome because everyone that was walking the spiral were completely silent, lol. Okay, I totally have to admit something. At first I had no idea the area was for meditating (me of al people, I know) and I was posing for a picture and started laughing out of the blue and everyone was staring at me. I finally figured out why everyone looked so cranky later on lol. I broke their meditation haha. It was really funny thinking about it, but I’m sure they didn’t think so! My bad. Oops haha. But anyways, they also hold private tours where you can see how they process the lavender to make all of the items in their gift shop. They even have a little cafe outside where they sell lavender scones, lavender jelly, lavender honey, and lavender lemonade. Of course I wasn’t going to leave without trying a sweet treat! I had the lavender scone with lavender jelly! OMG it was so so so yummy! I even started pinning recipes to make my own lavender scones, and lavender jelly! I honestly, wasn’t expecting to love it. Why? Because to be honest, flowers in food, let a lone a dessert, sound gross to me. But, I was so wrong, It was one of the best things I have eaten this year! I loved my day out at the Lavender Fields. It is the perfect outing for a sunny day with family or friends! If you have the chance to go, promise me you will try the lavender scone with lavender jelly. That itself is worth the trip 

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