July 5, 2017



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Happy Fourth of July! The fourth is one of my favorite holidays because we get to celebrate America! And it’s the one day out of the year that I get to wear my American flag skirt  I got this skirt about four years ago with one of my best friends. We have matching ones! And ever since I made it my own little tradition to wear it each year on this day! I’m just lucky it still fits me haha. Since it’s a tight fitting skirt, I paired it with a tight white crop top! I mainly bought it because the detailing in the back is just so cute, although it doesn’t show because my hair is so long, but I still know it’s there. Haha. I just rely on the wind to brush my hair of my back every now and then to show off the cute detailing in the back. So anyway, it’s so weird because even though I have my tradition of wearing my flag skirt, I never know exactly where I am going to see the fireworks, if I even go to see the fireworks. It isn’t that I don’t like to see them, it’s just I never have an exact plan for the day. But, I am proud of myself because I made plans for today! My family is getting together at my Aunt’s house to watch the fireworks tonight because she has a deck with a perfect view for them! I want to say that this is the first time in a long time that my family is getting together for the fourth of July. We always, always, always, get together on Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve, but never the fourth. So it will be nice for a change. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for me at my Aunt’s house tonight  Haha. What do you guys like to do on the fourth? Do you watch the fireworks, or have any traditions of your own? Tell me what yours are in the comments down below  xoxo!

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