July 22, 2017

AVEENO Leave In Treatment 

Okay, so I was looking for a new leave in conditioner for my hair a couple of days ago. I used to use Healthy Sexy Hair‘s soy leave in conditioner, but wanted something that was more affordable, and a product that used natural ingredients. So, basically I wanted a leave-in-conditioner without the icky bad stuff in it. Is that too much to ask for?  I always loved Aveeno products and have actually used their shampoo and conditioner in the past (I need to repurchase their shampoo and conditioner again because I honestly don’t know why I haven’t), so I went to Aveeno’s website to see if they had a leave in conditioner by some off chance. And they did! I was so excited! Aveeno uses active naturals in all of their products and this particular product was actually developed with a team of experts, including a leading dermatologist and hair stylist. Just knowing those facts totally sold me on the product. Plus, Aveeno is a trusted brand among many, and has been a family favorite for years in my household. For this product, Aveeno scientists have formulated an optimal blend of wheat protein and wheat germ oil that harnesses the benefits of wheat, and allows products containing this blend to target all damaged areas of our hair. Aveeno claims that this unique formula has been proven to restore the three elements that give life to hair : strength, softness, and shine, in only three uses. I have literally only used this product twice, and my hair feels so much healthier. I choose it over Healthy Sexy Hair‘s soy leave in conditioner completely. The only downside is that stores near me don’t carry this Aveeno product  I had to buy mine off Amazon. If you click the link above (the highlighted words “Leave-inTreatment”) it will take you to this exact product on Aveeno’s website, and on that page it tells you everywhere you can buy this product  It’s very cool how Aveeno did that for their customer’s because it is so stressful searching store to store for one item! Trust me. I searched every store for this product, until my mom told me that Aveeno’s website tells consumers where they can purchase certain products they sell. Thank goodness, or else I would have been driving across the world in search of this amazing product. Haha. I literally don’t think I will ever buy a different leave-in-conditioner again. I think I have found my holy grail guys! xoxo.


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April 2, 2020


March 23, 2020

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