September 12, 2017





Swami's Cafe

Mornings at the harbor are my absolute fave! I am trying to make it a point to walk my pup at least one day out of the week at the harbor. She absolutely loves it and so do I. Sometimes I feel like we take for granted the fact that we live so close to the beach (to all my readers who live by the coast). It's free to go to the beach, and it helps destress the mind, it really is such a blessing for us! I use to spend almost everyday at the beach, and lately I haven't been going as often, but I am breaking that horrible habit and setting aside at least one morning to take a stroll by the beach! If you are a regular reader of mine, you know that my dog Rocky passed away about a month ago. Snowbell is super lonely and lost without her best friend. And, she needs way more attention that she did before. So walking her down by the beach is a special treat for her because she looks forward to going now. Before she used to be afraid to ride in the car, but now she jumps and makes all of theses cute little noises because she is so excited to go walking, that a car ride doesn't even scare her anymore. She's a sweetie. After my walks I like to get a smoothie, but this past time I was starving, so I took Snow with me to the famous Swami's cafe. Swami's is pet friendly if you eat outside which is the main reason I chose to eat breakfast there. I ordered this delicious "Forked Avocado & Herbs on Toast" topped with avocado, olive oil, basil, tomato, and paprika. It was my first time trying it! It was mouth watering and surprisingly so filling. They give you a choice of three different kinds of bread: sourdough, rosemary, and wheat. I got mine on sourdough because sourdough is one of my guilty pleasures! It was one of the best mornings I had had in a while, and I can't wait to do it all again one day this week! Oh! And how could I forget the best part of my breakfast... I ordered a mimosa and it came inside of a mason jar with fruit on a toothpick. It was the cutest looking mimosa I have ever seen, and super tasty!

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