February 28, 2020



No matter what anyone tells you, good makeup brushes make the world of difference when it comes to applying your makeup products to your beautiful face! I know there are plenty of skeptics out there who don't believe in investing in good makeup brushes... You know what I like to tell those people? "You never know, unless you try." I have encouraged many of my close friends & family to invest some $$$ in good quality, high performing makeup brushes. I have tried many different brands of makeup brushes from all different price ranges & I am here to tell you about the best makeup brushes I have found for longevity - Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes. They are a god-send and I have never turned my back on them since I purchased them 5 years ago! I have waited 5 whole years to write this post, & I constantly get asked about my go to makeup brushes... so today is your lucky day because I have spent a good chunk of my life trying out these brushes, making sure they were durable & worth every penny of their luxurious price tags!




BOBBI BROWN FULL COVERAGE FACE BRUSH - For powder & liquid formulas. This brush has tightly packed, ultra-soft bristles that cut shine & apply just the right amount of product for an ultra-polished "HD" finish.


BOBBI BROWN FULL COVERAGE TOUCH UP BRUSH - This brush is a smaller more tapered version of the Full Coverage Face Brush. It is perfect for blending foundation around the nose & concealer under the eyes.


BOBBI BROWN POWDER BRUSH - This brush is simply luxurious, with a gently tapered, softly bristled head to use with face powders & sheer finish loose powders. I use this brush to set my concealer & foundation in my T-Zone.


BOBBI BROWN ANGLED FACE BRUSH - This brush is ideal for highlighting &
contouring. I use it for applying bronzer, contour powders, blush, & highlighter. It's so multi-functional!


BOBBI BROWN BRONZER BRUSH - This big, fluffy brush is perfect for adding a little color to your makeup look. It's perfect for blending bronzer in a 3 shape pattern. You can also cover large parts of the body with this brush - sometimes I use it to bronze up my neck & shoulders for the Summer months!


BOBBI BROWN BLUSH BRUSH - This brush features luxuriously soft bristles & a rounded brush head to apply the right amount of color to your cheeks!


BOBBI BROWN EYE SWEEP BRUSH This brush features the softest bristles & a full rounded shape which makes it so easy to sweep your favorite color across the lid. This brush also works well for setting your eye primer with a translucent powder.


BOBBI BROWN ANGLE EYE SHADOW BRUSH - This brush is perfect for contouring & smudging eyeliners & 
shadows. I use it to line & smudge shadow onto my lower lash line. I also use it to add highlighter to the inner corner of my eyes for a little extra pop!


BOBBI BROWN EYE SHADOW BRUSH - This is the perfect brush for effortlessly applying shadows from lash line to crease. Fun fact, this brush was designed to mimic a fingertip & allows the shadow you apply to blend as you go!


BOBBI BROWN EYE SMUDGE BRUSH - For all my smokey eye lovers out there, this brush was made for you! The tapered end of this brush was designed for smudging, helping to create soft smokey eye looks.


BOBBI BROWN EYE BLENDER BRUSH - This brush is for blending out any eye shadows, softening any harsh lines or edges.


BOBBI BROWN ULTRA PRECISE EYE LINER BRUSH - This brush was designed for maximum 
control. You can use this brush with any eyeliner to create a fine, precise, & crisp line!


BOBBI BROWN LIP BRUSH - This brush is super convenient because it is designed so that you can take it on the go. I use this brush whenever I want a really clean & precise application of a lipstick, stain, or gloss!


BOBBI BROWN DUAL-ENDED BROW DEFINER/GROOMER BRUSH - The angled side of this brush helps you fill in & define your brows with any brow product, while the spoolie end of this brush helps to groom brows into place, as well as helping to diffuse any areas where you may have applied too much brow product.



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